Charlotte Pride Festival

Charlotte Pride, Sunday August 27, 2017

This was my first time at a Pride parade and festival. It was a joyous event with all sorts of colorful characters and happy pedestrians out and about. Lots of floats from all sorts of businesses in Charlotte, from my dentist to hip places in town like Pure Pizza to the old and large companies like Duke Energy and just about every bank operating in town.

There was one 'Trump'-ish protester, a gay man who apparently wanted to represent Republicans, but seemed to be denied a slot in the parade. He had family members with him (the "hot chick for Trump")

There were two 'fire and brimstone' preachers in the crowd. They were so comically drowned out by the passers-by kissing, dancing, and generally raising a rucus that one could think that the preachers were planted props.