Shutdown Charlotte Sept. 21: Protests, Murder and Rioting in Uptown Charlotte Sept. 21, 2016

Protesters gathered peacefully at Marshall park, then marched to the AME Zion church, where clergy spoke. Meanwhile, a large group of others gathered at Epicenter / Omni hotel and confronted the police and some members vandalized.

Protesters stormed the Omni garage entrance just off the corner of Trade and College street. I was very surprised they went in there and off of the street. The police then began firing tear gas canisters. One person was shot. I believe I got a picture of the person being attended to, but it was very chaotic.

Then for hour(s) more and more riot police arrived and they expanded their perimiter, sometimes snaking out to grab an unruly someone.

I left when very large mass of additional officers arrived and they began announcing that persons must disperse otherwise face arrest.

Photo discussion on reddit.

Update: Photo companion Ken shot and assembled this video (50Mb m4v) showing the general degradation of the situation in Uptown on the night of Wed. Sept. 21. He hung back from the "front lines" where I was and caught a lot more of the looting.

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