Shutdown Charlotte Sept. 22: Peaceful(ish) Protests

The second night of protests in Charlotte were much calmer than the first. The protests were primarily limited marching back and forth across the city center, ranging from The Omni, to Panther's Stadium on the west and the courthouse and jail complex on the east, with many stops for chanting, rallying, and allowing the crowd to catch up.

I-277 was encroached upon twice, first shortly at the overpass just in front of Panther's / Bank of America Staduim, then a second time for much longer at the underpass / exit ramp at Church and Morehead.

Even with the National Guard being dispatched, the police presence was much more subdued and less confrontational than the night before. And likewise, most likely both in response and because of a much more civil demeanor in the crowd. The authorities seemed to skirt and monitor the march while it was on surface streets, only becoming a visible riot police presence when removing the minority of the marchers from I-277

I did not witness or observe any property damage. Cars on the still opened surface streets which were consumed by the march appeared to be completely ignored and walked around.

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